Listed below are descriptions of farming opportunities sought by new and established farmers. If you are interested in learning more about any listing, use the information below to contact the Farm Link Program participant directly. For more information on how to create your own listing or to get additional background details on any listing, please see the Farm Link Program's linking process.

ID Number
Area sought Description of the Farmland or Farming Opportunity Sought
1452 Passaic, Sussex, Bergen, Morris I am looking to provide labor and capital to a small to mid-sized farm that focuses primarily on livestock. I’m a driven young man willing to contribute work and money to this enterprise in exchange for the opportunity to live and learn on a farm. Interested in lease, lease with option to purchase, apprenticeship, and employment/transfer to ownership opportunities. Phone: c: 914-715-4879; w: 917-613-1704; Email: 4/15
1447 Passaic, Sussex, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon I am interested in farming part time starting with 1/2 acre to 1 acre, and expecting to expand to 2 acres within two years. Location flexible if housing is available. Will be growing mixed vegetables and cut flowers with an emphasis on storage crops. I require access to water and electricity. Equipment storage, tool storage and a vegetable storage areas preferred. If none exist, then I would build them as temporary structures or mobile structures. Housing on site preferred but not required. I am interested in lease and apprenticeship opportunities and have eight years of horticultural experience working in botanical gardens, wholesale nurseries, greenhouses, and parks. Phone: 551-999-0880; Email: 4/15
1446 All counties (with preference to Monmouth County) I am interested in acquiring farmland to live on as well as work the fields. I would like to create a CSA in which members come to the farm to pick up their share and possibly sell at farmers’ markets as well. I am willing to agree to a long term lease or option to buy where the original landowners are still involved with the farm if that is their preference. Monmouth County is my first choice, but I am willing to go anywhere in the state. I would ultimately like to farm 10 acres, with the option to grow to 20 acres if the demand for local food is there. Phone: 732-675-2276; Email: 3/15
1439 All counties (with preference to south Jersey) Looking for land to expand my existing grass-fed beef farm, Vitality Pastures. Looking for short or long-term lease. Also interested in land purchase. All natural, holistic methods used. Cattle are moved at least once per day. For more information about the farm and farmer, please visit Phone: 856-297-8336; Email: 2/15
1438 Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland Looking for full-time work on a vegetable, nursery, or equine farm to gain experience (apprenticeship or other opportunity), with the ultimate goal of eventually starting my own farm business. My dream is to ultimately have my own farm, ideally growing fruits and vegetables and raising chickens for eggs. Phone: 856-906-0574. 2/15
1437 Burlington, Gloucester Looking for 30-100 acres of farmland (lease, sale) and partner for developing new type of sustainable farm with greenhouse for hydroponic vegetable planting combined with aquaponic system if possible. Also interested in producing other organic products including mushrooms, bees, fruit trees, poultry, and livestock, not only for business but also for relaxation. Please contact me if you are interested in this project and starting a new farm with me. Phone: 856-448-2969; Email: 1/15
1424 Mercer, Middlesex Looking for 20-50 acres of farmland (lease, sale) or a farming opportunity (farm manager or apprenticeship position), with the ultimate goal of having a field crop, fruit tree, and pine tree nursery farm that includes a research and environmental education component for younger generations. Phone: Email: 732-925-5570. 1/15
1422 Morris, Hunterdon, Mercer, Somerset, Union, others I am searching for access to a small acreage (2+ acres) that allows me to expand berry plantings and small nursery. Prefer Morris, Hunterdon, and Mercer Counties but will consider others. Access to water is important and a fenced property is a plus. Long-term lease, lease to buy, or outright sale is preferred. My current business involves a number of different types of berries and a small nursery. Contact Michael Brown. Phone: 732-297-0594; Email 1/15
1418 Central Jersey and North Jersey Tree Hugger Farm, a new agriculture start-up, is seeking 5-10 acres of land to begin a sustainable and organic farming operation. Additionally, seeking barn and greenhouse space for year-round cultivation of specialty culinary herbs and microgreens. Interested in exploring the possibility of operating a greenhouse aquaponically for added value production. Looking for a leasing or partnership opportunity. Business plan available upon request. Contact Rich Natale – sole proprietor/owner/farm manager of Tree Hugger Farm. Phone: 908-956-2278; Email: 12/14 
1414 Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Monmouth, Salem I'm interested in leasing 5-10 acres to start a new organic vegetable operation. Also interested in apprenticeship and employment opportunities for additional experience. Phone: 201-205-6012; Email: 12/14 
1417 Morris, Sussex, Warren, Essex Beginning poultry and vegetable farmer-gardener looking for integrative, multifunctional, scale-appropriate, and incremental/planned opportunities (for instance lease, partnership, farm manager, and apprenticeship opportunities). Have experience in vegetables, poultry, composting, and nursery management. Interested in multi-species operations on either well-rested, maximal biomass pastures (3.5 -15 acres) or intensive compost or cultivation (2 – 5 acres). Goals are set for organic production of eggs with fruits and vegetables using manure, litter, and vegetative byproducts. Also open to rotating layer hens behind or with ruminants. Phone: 201-602-3785; Email: 11/14
1416 Hunterdon, Mercer, Essex I am looking for a part-time or volunteer position on a farm to gain experience with organic farming. I am also interested in internship and apprenticeship opportunities. I grew up on a farm in India and am familiar with organic farming, and I am in good physical shape. If housing is available, I could help 2-3 hours on weekday nights as well. Phone: 734-325-0720; Email: 11/14
1413 Middlesex, Somerset, Monmouth Looking for lease and partnership opportunities for the 2015 growing season to continue my farm operation (growing mostly Southeast Asian vegetables). If by myself, I need 1-2 acres. But I am also interested in partnerships up to 5 acres (located anywhere in New Jersey). I grow a very exciting kind of vegetables and am well-experienced in this field, with access to huge Asian market in New Jersey and New York. I can explain more for anyone interested. Phone: 516-639-1559; Email: 10/14
1407 Cumberland, Atlantic Farmland wanted to rent, Vineland or Buena. Looking to expand my grain operation. Phone: Zach: 856-498-7103; Email: 7/14
1404 Gloucester, Camden, Salem, Cumberland Looking to lease long-term or possibly purchase a nice-sized farm to grow nursery stock and trees. I have a small nursery and have been in the landscape/nursery field for 20 years, and I am looking for a larger farm to expand. Phone: 856-207-4151; Email: 6/14
1401 All Counties Interested in learning about fruit and vegetable production, especially organic production methods. Seeking to lease around an acre from an experienced grower who has time and knowledge to share. Phone: 718-490-1099; Email: 4/14
1391 Monmouth, Middlesex

Small lesson program seeks facility for rent or rent to own to grow to a lesson and natural boarding program, therapeutic riding program, and horse rescue. Sadly we are out growing our current location. Turnout space for 5-10 horses and riding arena are a must. A house on the property and an indoor arena are a huge plus but not required. Location in central or northern Monmouth County or southern Middlesex County areas preferred to stay near existing students but will consider all options. Please call Liz who has 13 years of experience in the equestrian field. Phone: 973-476-5421; Email: 1/14

1390 All counties

Looking for a 10-50 acre farm, preferably close to NY but flexible, to start an organic Chinese vegetable farm. We’ll also grow some fruit and have some chickens or other livestock. It is going to be a family farm, and my parents have more than 8 years of farming experience in China. Undeveloped land is okay as long as there is a house/apartment on site. Interested in the lease with option to buy, standards sale, and partnership opportunities. Email: 1/14

1388 Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset

I am looking for land to lease, approximately 2-3 acres, for hydroponics farming. Alternatively, I'm also looking for existing greenhouses that I could lease and convert to hydroponics farming, or for a farmer who would like to make more profit with less work or resources through farming hydroponically. I have been growing produce hydroponically for several years. Phone: 609-516-9438; Email: 12/13

1387 Sussex

Established grass-fed beef operation seeking additional farmland, preferably in vicinity of Vernon Township/Sussex County. Trying to expand the operation and flexible as to arrangement and terms. Seeking land use in either hay or grazing. All situations considered. Phone: 516-610-5267; Email: 11/13

1384 Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex, Mercer

First Fruits Farm is a highly motivated husband and wife team seeking a 3-year lease of 6-12 well drained acres of farmland for vegetable production. This will be our 3rd season in which we hope to plant 6 acres, and hope to expand to 12 acres by the 3rd year of the lease. Clean water for irrigation is a must, and on site housing is highly preferred. Phone: 908-839-2224 (Chris); Email: 9/13

1381 All counties

We are seeking a lot with at least 10 acres of farmable land within 1.5 - 2 hours driving distance from NYC. We currently lease land in Staten Island and are looking for a permanent home. This year will be our fourth season farming organically-grown produce and are currently selling in 3 farmers' markets and also run a 50 member CSA. Email: 8/13

1380 Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May

I’m looking for the opportunity to start an exceptional vineyard and increase my hobby of beekeeping into a business. I need a piece of dry land, at least 20 acres, and am interested in lease and crop-share arrangements (and lease-to-buy in the future). I'm 36, married with a small baby girl, grew up in Portugal around vineyards and farm, and will consider all possibilities. Phone: 201-674-7474; Email: 7/13

1379 Monmouth, Ocean

Looking to purchase or lease-purchase land, 10+ acres, or horse farm with infrastructure for an equine operation. If land only, would prefer parcels with cleared land. Email: 7/13

1374 Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, Morris

EAGALA model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) seeks a farm to work out of in central Jersey (along the I-78 Corridor). Spring Reins of Life is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity serving at-risk youth, military combat veterans w/ PTSD, and bereaved children. We have an extensive insurance policy, and all of our groups and work are very well supervised. The farm we were leasing was sold, so we’re searching for a new farm to lease with the following available: barn (6-12 stalls – need to be 12x12), fenced pastures (min. of 3), outdoor fenced arena, office/meeting room for group and presentations, and if possible an indoor arena and some housing. Please help us help others. Phone: 347-886-2798; Email: 4/13 


Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset

My fiancée and I would like to work your land! We have worked on a farm together as the sheep manager (2 years) and equipment/hay manager (3 years) on a sustainable farm-to-table enterprise. We are looking for a farm that would like to have a successful grass-fed operation with any or all of the following: sheep, beef cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys. We would like to grow crops primarily for the livestock in pursuit of a sustainable atmosphere. We have experience with rotational grazing and conventional farming. A lease-to-own option or farm manager position would be preferred. Central or Northern Jersey please. Phone: 812-603-5812; Email: 4/13  

Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland

I am a prior service Marine interested in working on a farm to gain experience and knowledge, and then eventually start my own farm. I am originally from the south Jersey area and grew up practically in the middle of a corn field. I ultimately want to start my own farm with my wife – I am interested in growing field crops and she wants to have her own vegetable/fruit stand. Phone: 856-430-5784; Email: 4/13  

Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer, Monmouth

Our family is looking to lease (option to purchase) 3-10 acres to further develop our love for sustainable living. We’re looking to further our farm business plans (goat milk production to make artisan soaps, raising chickens to sell farm fresh eggs, and raising exotic fowl and rabbits) as well as to support our family’s increasing interest in 4H activities. Looking for a farm that has a house (3 BR, 2 BA) and also a barn suitable for diverse livestock such as alpaca, goats, rabbits, and chickens. Email: 3/13  

Morris, Middlesex, Somerset, Union

Seeking an open space site in the following counties to hold a semi-annual educational farm program for school children and the general public: eastern Morris, northeastern Middlesex, northeastern Somerset, or Union county. Site should be at least 10 acres, have access for cars and school buses, and have agri-tourism as a permitted use. Visitors will have a guided tour and learn about a wide variety of farm animals. The program will be held for 2 months each year, May and October. Payment is $600 per ea. day of operation or $18,000 per month. There is a brief equipment set-up and take down each season. See 908-240-7172. Email: Updated 3/13.
1366 Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean Experienced vegetable farmer seeking 50-100 acres to lease at once to expand my existing operation. I am currently farming 65 acres in Chesterfield and Cookstown. Looking for good quality, well-drained soil with a water source. Ground needs to be located within 15 miles of Chesterfield. Will also consider a lease with an option to buy. Phone: 609-234-5630. 1/13
1360 Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset I am looking for a small plot (one acre or less) on which I can also live and raise chickens (for eggs) as well as vegetables, flowers, and herbs for sale, such as at farmers’ markets. Email: 10/12
1355 Burlinton, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic, Ocean I am looking for 10+ acres to lease-purchase for permanent farming. The goal is plant perennial fruit vines (hardy kiwi) and build up greenhouse space. Email: 8/12
1352 Monmouth Seeking 5-20 acres for the 2013 season for an organic CSA operation. Looking to lease, or lease with option to purchase. No housing needed. Willing to develop unimproved land with potential. Phone: 732-233-6532; Email: 8/12
1348 Burlington, Camden, Gloucester I am looking to apprentice at a local farm part-time to gain knowledge. I am available early mornings, evenings, and weekends. Email: 6/12
1346 Morris, Somerset, Middlesex, Warren, Hunterdon I am interested in growing my CSA and farmers' market business. Currently I work 3 pieces of land in different counties with equipment in different locations. I would like to expand my apple, peach, and pear orchards on land that I own or will eventually own. Looking for 50-100 acres and interested in lease with option to buy, purchase, and partnership opportunities. Phone: (h) 908-928-9289, (c) 917-538-5792. 5/12
1345 Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, Salem, Gloucester, Camden Looking to lease, or lease-with-option-to-buy, 2 to 5 acres that are ready to till for a vegetable farm operation. A residence on the land is preferred but not is essential. I am very capable of doing any needed repairs. I plan to select a number of vegetable varieties to fit my clientele’s tastes and may participate in NJ’s community farmers’ markets to sell my produce there. Phone: 609-665-7327; Email: 5/12
1334 All counties Family seeking access to a small farm (about 10 acres) for a part-time farm operation and homestead (3 BR house needed). The farm's primary operations will be growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and keeping a small number of large and small livestock. Interested in lease, lease with option to purchase, and farm manager positions. Phone: 609-280-9632. 3/12
1329 Warren, Sussex, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon Looking to lease a field or farm to expand my existing operation raising sheep (purebred Shetland, Scottish Blackface, and North County Cheviot sheep). Looking for a minimum of 10 acres (prefer 20-50 acres) with a long-term lease. I have 10 years of experience and excellent references. Email: 1/12
1328 Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer; Central Jersey and North Jersey

Permanent equine farm home sought by nonprofit group Team Velvet, Inc. to provide non-riding equine facilitated mental health services to traumatized children ages 5-11. Looking for a farm with 27-30 acres but willing to accept larger acreage. Central NJ location preferred with house, barn, stable, and outdoor/indoor arenas. Our goal is to develop a horse therapy treatment center and referral network from New York to Philadelphia which includes training for doctors and counselors. We desire a donated farm for our charity (EIN# 26-2167394).

As we continue to search for a permanent home, we’re also looking for a farm rental – farm rental desired with farmhouse rental in central NJ with horse facilities for horse therapy capability. Small horse therapy nonprofit needs a place to live and work starting July or August. Contact Dr. Susan Edwards – 609-216-1910 (cell), Updated 4/12 

1325 Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington Looking for a small farm, around 5 acres, on which I and my family can raise sheep for wool and chickens for free-range eggs. We want to be a farming family. We also want to bring our beehive(s) to the farm, which are currently located on someone else’s farm. Interested in lease and lease with option to purchase opportunities. Phone: 732-901-0493. 12/11
1323 Mercer, Burlington Looking to lease or purchase 1–3 acres of good tillable land with house, barn, and some infrastructure (water) to start an organic farm operation including veggies, fruit, and poultry (eggs and meat). I intend to market my products through a CSA, local farmers’ markets, and direct restaurant marketing, and plan to integrate educational opportunities for youth and special events. I plan to farm part-time at first and hope to eventually transition to a full-time farm operation. I strongly believe in organic methods, nutrient cycling, and conservation of resources and habitat as part of a stewardship based agricultural operation. Email: 11/11
1320 All counties Looking to start a small, diverse vegetable and pasture-based livestock operation using organic practices. We’re looking for at least 25 acres and hope to either lease land or form a partnership with a landowner. Our plans include marketing produce through a CSA, farm stand, farmers’ markets, wholesale, and to restaurants. Farmer has completed two apprenticeships on similar farms and is currently working in a year-long apprenticeship position. Outbuildings helpful. Email: 11/11
1314 Monmouth Pasture needed for sheep farm - 10 acres minimum to 250 acres, but would prefer 50 acres minimum. Interested in long-term lease or purchase opportunities. Phone: 732-670-4252; Email:; Fax: 732-758-0290. 10/11
1313 Hunterdon, Warren I am looking for a small farm, approximately 25 acres, in north Jersey for the production of pastured poultry, eggs, and vegetables. I would need a residence and at least one barn for storing equipment/feed. Email: 10/11
1312  Morris

Looking for ½ acre to 1 acre of land to house 15 beehives for honey production and sale of nucleus colonies. I plan to practice treatment-free and organic beekeeping methods. I’ll need space to grow a variety of flowers and cover crops for the bees to pollinate, and I hope to partner with a farmer looking for pollination services or landowner with extra space. The hives can be placed so far away from living spaces and high trafficked areas. Beekeeping is relatively low maintenance, so I‘d likely be on the land for no more than 6 hours per week. Phone: 908-256-5712. Email: 10/11

1311 Somerset, Hunterdon, Mercer Looking for fields of 10 acres or larger to grow soybeans, corn, or wheat (not organic). I am fully insured and own all the equipment required to plant and harvest these crops. My goal is to one day have my own family farm. Phone: 609-273-8112; Email:; 10/11
1309 South Jersey

I'm a vegetable farmer looking to relocate from NY state and seeking 30-50 acres of farmland to lease. Long-term lease preferred. Phone: 917-886-0776; Email: 9/11

1308 Bergen, Passaic, Sussex

I need a small amount of land (1-5 acres) to grow containerized trees on – looking for land with a water source, some shade, and power availability. It can be off the beaten path and even unbuildable. I hope to wholesale the trees in 3-5 years, so a visible location is not needed. Would like to buy, but would consider leasing opportunities also.  Phone: 201-370-9058; Email: 9/11

1306 Morris County and North Jersey Looking to buy a 50-200 acre farm or orchard amenable to the growing of apple trees for the production of French hard cider. Email: 8/11
1305 All counties Experienced pasture based dairy farmer/cheesemaker seeks opportunity to partner with landowner or investor. Open to farm lease or farm transfer relationship. Willing to consider other ideas. Experienced with organic production, rotational grazing, artisanal cheesemaking, direct marketing and business management. I want to start a small very special pastured based dairy farm using organic practices and making unique cheeses that are made available through direct marketing. I have my own animals, 10+ years of experience. Phone: 717-759-0072; Email: 8/11
1302 Atlantic, Gloucester Looking to lease a small working farm, 3-25+ acres, to start a co-op with organic fruits and vegetables, integrate educational and music therapy components to help children with learning disabilities, and raise my family. The farm preferably would be organic, eco-friendly, and surrounded by woods or otherwise protected. I have been researching organic farming for many years and am looking for opportunities to start this profit and non-profit venture. Also interested in related apprenticeship opportunities. Phone: 856-243-5138; Email:  7/11
1297 Burlington I am seeking an opportunity to learn more about running a winery, especially planting and caring for the field. Phone: 609-902-3117; Email: 4/11
1296 All counties

Experienced farmer looking to buy or access a small vegetable and/or fruit farm. I would like to buy 5+ acres in any county. I am also willing to consider opportunities other than an outright purchase. I am a small farmer in NY, and we want to move to NJ for my wife’s career. Phone: 315-450-1004; Email: 4/11

1294 All counties

Experienced farmer seeks 30-80 acres of farmland to grow all types of vegetables and potentially raise livestock. Prior experience growing mushrooms, assorted vegetables, and fruit. Access to a water source and electricity are requirements. Phone: 917-816-2209; Email:

1292 Atlantic

Looking for additional land to expand my blueberry farm operation. Looking for to lease/rent with option to purchase a 40-100 acre blueberry farm in Atlantic County, Hammonton area, with full production mature plants. Would also consider bare land that has good quality soil for producing blueberries. I have 20 years experience in berry farming. Phone: 360-485-3367. Email: 3/11

1290 Monmouth I would like to gain experience on an organic farm that is marketing niche products (vegetables, meat, poultry) to local markets. I would ultimately want to own and/or run a CSA growing the same products. Phone: 732-449-3557; Email:; Fax: 732-988-0777. 1/11
1289 Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex,
Looking to lease about 3 acres for the long term. I am interested in developing a community supported agriculture farm that also propagates native coastal plants for dune replenishment and produce to market. Phone: 732-213-7939; Email: 1/11
1287 Atlantic

Looking to purchase 50-100 acres to raise cattle and to start a vermiculture and vermicomposting operation to produce organic fertilizer. Phone: 609-665-1218; Email: 1/11

1286 Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren, Sussex

Seeking at least 100 acres via long-term lease or lease with option to buy to expand my hay and straw business. I also have good experience in dairy and am seeking a farm with a dairy barn, old or new, to begin my own dairy herd. Phone: 908-399-4220. 1/11

1285 All counties

Group of families looking to build and establish a Jewish international community (eco-village). Hoping to build approximately ten eco-responsibly homes in cluster fashion and allow for land to be used for agriculture and other environmentally sustainable uses. Looking lease, lease with option to purchase, or purchase as much as 100 acres for this project. Phone: 518-605-5092; Email: 1/11


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