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Project SERV (School Emergency Response to Violence) CFDA # 84.184S
Project SERV, under the Department of Education, offers short-term and long-term assistance to local education agencies (LEAs) to recover from a violent or traumatic event in which the learning environment has been disrupted. Immediate services assistance covers up to 60 days from the date of the incident. Extended services assistance covers up to one year from the incident. A school can apply for an "Immediate Services Grant" after any serious incident that disrupts the learning environment. Grants for Immediate Services can be up to $50,000. Mental health screening after a suicide fit under this category - especially in tightly knit communities such as yours. The suicide does not have to have taken place on school property. The purpose of these grants is to return the learning environment of the school to what it was before the incident.


Funding:Grants provide immediate fuinds of up $50,000 for additional mental health services resulting from suicide or homicide. Additional funds are available for extended mental health services (maximum of $300,000).

Contact:Sarah Strizzi at or (202) 708-4850


Federal: No