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Boeing Charitable Contributions
Boeing works in partnership with schools, colleges and universities to support high academic standards and prepare students for further education and tomorrow's workplace. In higher education, Boeing contributes to research and to policy initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education and bringing the benefits of education and job opportunities to a diverse group of students. Boeing supports public schools in communities where Boeing employees live and work, and strategically focus our support on colleges and universities where we recruit future employees. Boeing aligns and leverages resources to support systemic and continuous improvement in school systems. Regarding early learning, Boeing supports organizations that promote developmentally appropriate early childhood education programs for classroom teachers, caregivers and parents. For K-12, Boeing supports programs that promote teacher effectiveness, with an emphasis on math, science, literacy instruction and school leadership. Applications submitted after October 31 are considered the following January.

Eligibility:IRS 501(c)(3) qualified charitable or educational organization or an accredited K-12 educational institution. U.S. organizations will need a 501(c)(3) -qualified tax ID number or NCES (K-12 schools/districts) ID number to apply. Individual K-12 schools need to provide both their NCES district ID number (seven digits) and school ID number (five digits). Most public U.S. universities or colleges will need to apply using the tax ID number for their 501(c)(3) charitable foundation or development office.


Contact:Boeing Corporate Offices, 100 North Riverside, Chicago, Illinois 60606; Phone: (312) 544-2000;


Federal: No