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The Public Welfare Foundation
The Public Welfare Foundationís youth grant program promotes the positive development of young people through improving access to quality education and training, adequate health services, leadership development, and empowerment. This program emphasizes the following: Employment, Training, and Alternative Education - Programs that provide quality education, employment readiness services, job placement, and other assistance for young people who have dropped out of school, experience chronic unemployment, and have minimal or no job skills, so that they may achieve independent living for themselves and their families. Early Intervention - Programs that promote positive youth development through services designed to prevent educational failure, delinquency, developmental delays, adverse health, or neglect. Services also include assistance to children whose parents are adolescents, affected by HIV/AIDS, involved in substance abuse, or incarcerated. Youth Leadership Development - Programs that provide opportunities for leadership development and empowerment, primarily through youth led organizing to address problems facing young people and their communities. Violence Prevention - Primary prevention services to reduce violence in neighborhoods and families, especially violence caused by the availability of firearms and other weapons. Advocacy and Policy Development - Programs that promote systemic responsiveness to the needs of low-income young people within Federal, state, and local policies and practices.

Eligibility:Tax-exempt organizations

Funding:In 2006, the Public Welfare Foundationís average grant was $48,833. Most grants fall between $25,000 and $50,000 though some are lower and some are higher. Out of 388 grants awarded in 2006, only 47 were larger than $75,000.

Contact:Public Welfare Foundation (Review Committee), 1200 U Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009-4443; Phone: (202) 965-1800; e-mail:


Federal: No