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U.S. Soccer Foundation - Support for Urban Soccer Programs
U.S. Soccer Foundation announces funds to support projects and programs that develop players, coaches, and referees in economically disadvantaged urban areas encompassing populations of 50,000 or more. The Foundation's impact on soccer through its annual Program and Field Grant awards has been significant and continues to grow. Since 1995, nearly $25 million dollars in cash, equipment, and services have been awarded through the annual grants program. The Foundation's support has benefited more than 500 grantees, covering all 50 states, and has served the entire spectrum of soccer communities from small local clubs to the U.S. Soccer Federation, the National Governing Body for the sport in the United States.

Eligibility:Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations and community-based organizations. Individuals or organizations are eligible to register for the Foundation's annual Program and Field grants if funding is requested for: a soccer-specific program or field project that benefits a not-for-profit purpose and meets the established focus for the 2009 grant cycle; In addition to satisfying Criteria 1, a field project (including lighting) where the real property is owned at the time of registration or a minimum ten year lease/land use agreement is in place at the time of registration. In addition to satisfying Criteria 1 and 2, lighting where the applicant has written authorization at the time of registration from the community where the project resides to add/use lights at the field.

Funding:Award amount is up to $100,000.00


Federal: No