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New Jersey Charter Schools Start Up Grant Program Cadre 12(A), Year 2/3, Second Planning Grant

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Vocational-Technical, Career & Innovative Programs

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Purpose: The goal of the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program/Cadre 12(A), Planning Grant is to increase the number of viable and successful charter schools in New Jersey through the support of the planning and implementation of newly approved charter school applicants’ educational and organizational plans. As a result of this increase, more students will be provided with expanded educational opportunities. The goals and objectives and educational plan must reflect the approved final and complete charter school application. This grant program is a three-year program. The charter school eligible for Cadre 12(A) Second Planning Year funds has declared their intention to open their doors in September 2008.

Eligible Agencies: This is a multi-year, targeted grant open to one applicant who applied for a New Jersey charter in July 2006 as specified in the NGO document.

Approximate Number of Awards: 1 Grant Program Type: Targeted
Total Amt. Available: $110,000 Application Due Date: 9/7/2007