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Implementing New Curricular Learning with Universally Designed Experiences (INCLUDE) Phase II

Division: Chief of Staff
Office: Educational & Informational Technology

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Purpose: The Implementing New Curricular Learning with Universally Designed Experiences (INCLUDE) Phase II project is designed to ensure all students in the general education classroom, including those with mild to moderate disabilities, struggling students and English language learners, are provided the necessary accommodations in the general mathematics classroom that will support their achievement of the Core Curriculum Content Standards. The basis for the INCLUDE grant is to improve academic achievement in mathematics by using educational technology effectively. The INCLUDE grant project builds or expands a general education math classroom that must include students with mild to moderate disabilities in each classroom and if applicable, students that are English language learners. The INCLUDE Phase II project begins the implementation of the principles and strategies learned in Phase I. The goals are to provide inclusive classroom designs and improve mathematics content delivery, and improve the effective integration of technology in the math curriculum. In Phase II, four teachers from the two next consecutive upper grade levels, 6, 7 or 8 will be provided with the same opportunities as the year-one teachers to prepare a classroom using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.

Eligible Agencies: Only the agencies that received awards through the competitive process under the originating Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) are eligible to apply for continuation funding. Those agencies are listed in Appendix A of the NGO. Additional eligibility requirements are that all LEAs in the grant project have a completed and signed the INCLUDE Statement of Commitments Form found in Appendix D.

Approximate Number of Awards: 13 Grant Program Type: Continuation
Total Amt. Available: $2,940,000 Application Due Date: 5/8/2008