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Even Start Family Literacy Program - Continuation

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Language Arts Literacy Education

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Purpose: The Even Start Family Literacy program supports family-centered educational and parenting activities that engage parents and children in a cooperative effort. This effort is designed to empower parents to become full partners in the educational and social development of their children, thus assisting children to reach their full potential as learners. This creation of a seamless delivery system of educational and enrichment services for parents and their children requires a collaborative approach to providing services and support in order to accomplish the goals of the program. As such, the program requires a partnership between one or more local educational agencies (LEAs) and one or more non-profit community-based organizations, institutions of higher education (including two-year and four-year institutions) or public or private nonprofit organizations of demonstrated quality other than an LEA (Section 1232(e)(1) of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB)). In addition to the required partnerships, collaborations with other agencies that can support the goals of the program are necessary in order to build upon high quality community services and form a network of family literacy services. Successful partnerships and collaborations will result in an inevitable infusion of the program into the community, thereby contributing to the agency’s ability to sustain the program beyond the grant period. Collaborations are formed with key agencies that provide high-quality services, which are directly related to Even Start’s core program components (see Section 2.2). Consequently, grantees are required to collaborate with a minimum of two agencies in addition to the partner(s) to strengthen the educational and family services during the grant period.

Eligible Agencies: Eligibility to apply for this Even Start program is limited to those currently funded agencies operating under their original partnerships (see Appendix 2) of the NGO document. Due to reduced federal funding, current grantees that are in years four or eight are not eligible to reapply under this NGO.

Approximate Number of Awards: 12 Grant Program Type: Continuation
Total Amt. Available: $1,888,000 Application Due Date: 5/15/2008