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Immigrant Newcomer Student Center Program for Secondary Schools Continuation Grant (Yr. 4/4)

Division: Student Services
Office: Student Achievement and Accountability

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Purpose: The purpose of the Immigrant Newcomer Student Center Program for Secondary Schools is to establish a model regional center to educate recently arrived secondary immigrant students who have very limited English language skills. For these students, there are two important considerations. Some students may have had little or no formal schooling in their native countries and, in addition to the need for intensive instruction in English, need instruction in content areas that will enable them to begin to catch up to their age and grade-level peers. Alternatively, students may have had an age and grade-appropriate education in their native countries and need the English language skills necessary for understanding content area instruction in English that will enable them to perform academically in English. The New Jersey Department of Education [NJDOE] has established this grant program to encourage the establishment of a model regional newcomer center program for low-incidence districts, that is, districts that enroll relatively few immigrant students. The Newcomer Center Program may be half-day, full-day, extended day, or a summer accelerated program. Students may be enrolled for a limited period of time and may be grouped by language proficiency or age/grade level. The goal of the program is to prepare recent immigrant students for success in regular academic programs by acquiring proficiency in English language skills and the content knowledge appropriate for high school graduation.

Eligible Agencies: Eligibility to apply for this Immigrant Newcomer Center Grant is limited to the Atlantic City School District, the currently funded agency operating during year three of the project.

Approximate Number of Awards: 1 Grant Program Type: Continuation
Total Amt. Available: $300,000 Application Due Date: 5/29/2008