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Even Start Family Literacy Program Competitive

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Language Arts Literacy

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Purpose: The national purpose of the William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Program is to: …help break the years of poverty and illiteracy by improving the educational opportunities of the nation’s low-income families by integrating early childhood education, adult literacy or adult basic education, and parenting education into a unified family literacy program….Even Start provides educational services for the family, parents and children alike, so that adults and their children will be able to take advantage of and benefit from the tremendous opportunities available to them in this Nation. For adults and children with limited English proficiency, Even Start helps them make progress toward acquisition of the English language and attainment of a high level of literacy (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001). The Even Start Family Literacy program supports family-centered educational and parenting activities that engage parents and children in a cooperative effort. This effort is designed to empower parents to become full partners in the educational and social development of their children, thus assisting children to reach their full potential as learners. The focus of the Even Start Family Literacy Program is to impact the life chances of New Jersey families by: Providing instruction to children ages birth to seven that will result in children reading on grade level by age seven; Empowering parents to become their children’s first teachers, utilizing the home and family unit as the most influential learning environment; Providing adult education instruction that leads to the attainment or improvement of literacy skills and the achievement of economic self-sufficiency; Providing parenting education to the parents and/or guardians of those children enrolled in the program to strengthen support of the child’s literacy development and early school success; and Developing community partnerships to form a network of providers that, individually and collectively, take responsibility for providing and strengthening family literacy services (Guide to Quality: Even Start Family Literacy Program, 2001).

Eligible Agencies: An agency applying for grant funding must provide an assurance that its program was developed and will be implemented in partnership between one or more LEAs and one or more non-profit community-based organizations, institutions of higher education (including two-year and four-year institutions), or public or private nonprofit organizations of demonstrated quality other than an LEA (Section 1232(e)(1) of the NCLB).

Approximate Number of Awards: 5 Grant Program Type: Limited Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $805,417 Application Due Date: 6/4/2009