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NJ Charter Schools Start Up Grant Program, Cadre 14, Year 2 or 3

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Charter Schools

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Purpose: The goal of the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program/Cadre 14 Implementation Grant is to increase student achievement through effective planning and implementation of innovative charter schools. These charter schools will promote high student academic achievement for all children, including those with special needs, and help them meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. It is the intent of the Department of Education to assist each successful applicant in the design and implementation of a new charter school and to evaluate its impact on students, student achievement, staff and parents. The population to be served by the Cadre 14, Year 2 of 3 program consists of students in kindergarten through grade 12. This grant award is part of a three-year program. Year 2 of 3 is a twelve month period and will start October 1, 2009, and end September 30, 2010.

Eligible Agencies: The Ethical Community Charter School, Ellen J. Pressman Charter School, Vineland Charter Public School, Institute for Excellence Charter School, Riverbank Charter School, Newark Educators Charter School

Approximate Number of Awards: 6 Grant Program Type: Federal
Total Amt. Available: $990,000 Application Due Date: 8/6/2009