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IMproving Partnerships and Active Collaboration for Teaching (IMPACT) Grants (Yr. 1/3)

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Academic Standards

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Purpose: The IMproving Partnerships and Active Collaboration for Teaching (IMPACT) grant project is designed to offer opportunities to eligible partnerships among institutions of higher education (IHEs), high-need local education agencies (LEAs) and Educational Technology Training Centers (ETTCs) to conduct professional development and other activities that will result in: 1. Expanding the number of teachers who are highly qualified; 2. Building capacity to meet 2009 revised state standards in targeted subject areas; and 3. Increasing the level of integration of 21st century skills, technology and global perspectives into instruction. The overarching goal is to raise student academic achievement in targeted core content areas based on the needs of each participating LEA. IMPACT is a three-year grant project. Year one, a seven and a half month planning period, extends from January 15, 2010 to August 31, 2010. During this time, an institution of higher education (IHE) must continue to develop a partnership with one or more LEAs and an ETTC and design an implementation plan for grant activities for Year Two and Year Three. Prior to the submission of the grant application, the IHE must partner with one or more LEAs to guarantee that a minimum of 20 teachers will participate and implement IMPACT grant activities for two consecutive years.

Eligible Agencies: The IMPACT grant project is open to all institutions of higher-education (IHEs), but limited to only those applicant agencies that: 1. Are two or four year private or State IHEs with a division of the institution that prepares teachers and principals, and 2. Have a mathematics or science department, depending on the content area chosen. See the NGO document for additional requirements.

Approximate Number of Awards: 6 Grant Program Type: Limited Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $1,806,959 Application Due Date: 10/15/2009