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New Jersey Charter Schools Start Up Program, Cadre 16 Planning Grant, Year 1/3

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Charter Schools

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Purpose: The goal of the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program/Cadre 16, Year 1 of 3 Planning Grant is to support the planning and implementation of the newly approved charter school applicants’ educational and organizational plans. By building successful new charter schools, the grant carries out New Jersey’s vision of expanding the range of school choice options available to children and families in New Jersey. During the planning year, charter applicants are expected to refine their educational program by considering their desired educational results and establishing methods for measuring progress toward achieving those results. Under federal guidelines, the planning year is also used for professional development of teachers and other staff who will work in the charter school. The goals and objectives and educational plan must reflect the approved final and complete charter school application. This grant award is a three-year program. Year 1 of 3 is a four-month period and will start March 1, 2010, and end July 31, 2010.

Eligible Agencies: Charter schools who submitted a charter application in October 2009.

Approximate Number of Awards: 5 Grant Program Type: Targeted
Total Amt. Available: $375,000 Application Due Date: 12/17/2009