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Career & Technical Education Partnership:Enhancing Teaching & Student Leadership in the Career Cluster of: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

All CTEP Grants have been EXTENDED to August 1, 2011

Division: Educational Standards and Programs
Office: Career and Technical Education

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Purpose: The intent of this grant program is to support the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s vision for agricultural education as defined by Reinventing Agricultural Education for the Year 2020, the report of the Reinventing Agricultural Education Task Force. This grant program addresses the implementation of activities that prepare agricultural education students (grades 9-12 and postsecondary) for employment in the state’s agricultural and food industries. Critical to the success of this initiative is the alignment with and integration of the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS), including science, technology, and mathematics standards, into all components of the curriculum. The initiative provides for the development of an interactive information and data system to provide agricultural education programs the means to align instruction with the latest agricultural science and technology and to share new interactive technology with the local agricultural industry. Specific agricultural job areas are as follows: marketing and sales; science and research; processing and distribution; resource management; horticulture; and communication and education. To fill these jobs, to meet the needs of employers, and to encourage individuals to pursue careers in agriculture and the food industry, the state must enhance local agricultural education programs. To this end, the state’s goal for this grant program is to implement the Education Resolution, as adopted by the 2009 State Agricultural Convention, which specifically addresses support for, and facilitation and promotion of, agricultural education in New Jersey.

Eligible Agencies: New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Approximate Number of Awards: 1 Grant Program Type: Continuation
Total Amt. Available: $360,000 Application Due Date: 7/25/2011