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Excellent Educators for New Jersey (EE4NJ) Pilot Program: Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation System

Division: Educator Effectiveness
Office: Commissioner

This alternate assurance form is provided for use by districts that are unable to certify that they have secured a commitment from key stakeholder groups to support the pilot program prior to the due date of the application. In those cases, districts must certify that they have developed a plan, prior to the due date of the application, to get support for the pilot project from key stakeholder groups.

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Purpose: Excellent Educators for New Jersey (EE4NJ) Pilot Program grants will be awarded to local educational agencies (LEAs) that will serve as Pilot districts to implement the new state requirements for a robust teacher evaluation system during the 2011-2012 school year. In accordance with the New Jersey Educator Effectiveness Task Force recommendations, these requirements include the following: Annual teacher evaluations based on standards of effective teacher practices and clear expectations; every teacher, regardless of experience, deserves meaningful feedback on teaching performance on an annual basis; Multiple measures of teacher performance and student performance, with student academic progress or growth as a key measure; Asummative rating that combines the scores of all the measures of teaching practice and student achievement; Four summative rating categories that clearly differentiate levels of performance; and A link from the evaluation to providing professional development opportunities that meet the needs of educators at all levels of practice. Districts will ensure comprehensive training of all educators involved with the new evaluation system, and will provide regular feedback to the NJDOE on pilot progress. Districts will need to follow specific implementation requirements, but they will also be given the flexibility to develop some elements of their own within the parameters provided. Eligibility is limited to those LEAs that are not Vocational Schools with shared-time students, Jointure Commissions, Educational Service Commissions, or Special Services School Districts. The limited-competitive project year is September 1, 2011 September 30, 2012.

Eligible Agencies: LEAs (including county vocational schools with no shared-time students and charter schools)

Approximate Number of Awards: 9 Grant Program Type: Competitive
Total Amt. Available: $1,160,171 Application Due Date: 7/28/2011