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Special Education

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Clinics/Agencies are organized alphabetically by name.   The county in which their administrative office is located is noted in parentheses next to the Clinic/Agency name. The geographic service area is not restricted by the location of the Clinic/Agency's administrative office. Each Clinic/Agency determines its geographic service area. Services are approved for on-site (the approved Clinic/Agency administrative office and/or satellite location) and/or off-site at the student's home, school or other appropriate locations not affiliated with the Clinic/Agency. Approved locations are indicated with an X on the Clinic/Agency Information Page.

Approved Clinics/Agencies are not approved to deliver all services. The approved services are specified on the Information Page for each Clinic/Agency. Prior to signing a contract for services, each approved Clinic/Agency must provide the school or school district with a current copy of the professional's certification and/or occupational license as well as approval from the  New Jersey Department of Education Criminal History Review Unit  to ensure the provider is properly credentialed.

Approved Clinic or Agency

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