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DOC Executive Staff
Commissioner Gary Lanigan

Gary M. Lanigan


e-mail:  Gary Lanigan

phone number: 609-292-4036 EXT 5599



Chief of Staff Judy Lang

Judith Lang

Chief of Staff

e-mail:  Judi Lang

phone number:  609-826-5660



Deputy Commissioner Stephen D'Ilio

Stephen D'Ilio

Deputy Commissioner

e-mail:  Stephen D'Ilio

phone number:  609-826-5650



Public Information Officer Matt Schuman

Matthew Schuman

Public Information Officer

e-mail:  Matthew Schuman

phone number:  609-826-5662



Director Melinda Haley

Melinda Haley

Special Legal Advisor

Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

e-mail:  Melinda Haley

phone number:   609-826-5656



Assistant Commissioner Gary Alpert

Gary Alpert

Assistant Commissioner

Division of Administration

e-mail:  Gary Alpert

phone number:  609-826-5615



Betty Norris

Bettie Norris

Assistant Commissioner

Division of Operations

e-mail: Bettie Norris

phone number: 609-826-5655




Dr. Darcella Sessomes

Assistant Commissioner

Division of Programs and Community Services

e-mail:  Darcella Sessomes

phone number:  609-826-5630




Duane Grade

Chief Investigator

Special Investigations Division

e-mail:  Duane Grade

phone number:  (609) 292-4036 EXT 5180



Director Dr. Ralph Woodward

Ralph P. Woodward, M.D.


Health Services Unit

e-mail:  Ralph Woodward

phone number:   609-826-5618



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