A comprehensive plan to guide Mercer County's future farmland preservation efforts is available for the public to view.

In order to qualify for a Planning Incentive Grant under new rules of the State Agriculture Development Committee, Mercer County prepared, and had approved by the SADC in June 2008, its 2007 Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan (FPP).

The original 2007 FPP encompassed data on the land base of agriculture, the agriculture industry, land use planning, the preservation program and its future, economic development, natural resources, and the future of agriculture in Mercer County. Also included are maps of the Agriculture Development Area (ADA) and Project Areas.

The Mercer County Agricultural Development Board has completed a revised Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan. This 2009 Farm Plan [PDF 3.07mb] can be viewed by clicking here. An updated Farm Plan Map [PDF 4.54mb] can be viewed by clicking here.

This document is not available for sale as printed material; however, an electronic copy of the Plan or Map can be had by bringing a blank CD to the Planning Division’s office.

For further information, contact Daniel Pace, MCADB Administrator: (609) 989-6545.