In 1983, the Mercer County Agricultural Development Board (MCADB) was established to assist in the implementation and coordination of the Farmland Preservation Program in Mercer County. The Board members are appointed by the Mercer County Executive, with County Freeholder concurrence. The Board members serve in an advisory capacity to the County Executive. The Board consists of four members "who shall be actively engaged in farming, with a majority (3) of whom shall own a portion of the land they farm"; three members who represent the general public; and non-voting members representing Extension Services, the Soil Conservation District and the Mercer County Planning Division.

The MCADB members are as follows:

Voting Members
  • Steve Jany, Chairperson
  • Frank D’Amico, Jr.,  Vice-Chairperson
  • Gary Mount
  • Scott Ellis
  • Kelly Mooij
  • Laurie Emde
  • Kristine Walsh
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Non-Voting Members
  • Meredith Melendez, County Agricultural Extension Office Rep.
  • William S. Agress, County Planning Board Liaison
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  • Leslie Floyd, Mercer County Planning Director
  • Daniel Pace, Secretary
  • Susan Bacso, Esq., Counsel
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