During the 60's, 70's, and 80's, Mercer County, particularly Trenton, suffered through hard times. The city began to decay, and the suburbs felt the squeeze of the urban center problems. Many believed that Trenton, once the greatest city in America, was doomed. That belief has been changed into a spirit of hope and opportunity.

Beginning in the early 1990's, Mercer County began to experience a rebirth. The suburbs began to flourish again, and work began to revitalize Trenton. Open spaces were preserved and parks and recreational lands were created becoming the envy of the state.

Mercer County began the baseball renaissance in New Jersey. Mercer County Waterfront Park, built on the historic Delaware just a few hundred yards from where the capital of the United States was almost built, was the first of many minor league baseball parks built in the state. The success of Waterfront Park, and the home team Trenton Thunder, helped to spark the rebirth of Trenton.

Businesses began to come back, and new ones opened up. The first McDonalds even came to Trenton, right down the street from Waterfront Park. Plans for a redevelopment district have sparked a new business community in the city. And a new hotel, across the street from the capital complex, is sure to attract even more people to the area.

Building on the new success of tourism and economic vitality that Waterfront Park brought, the Sovereign Bank Arena was built on the site of the Roebling Complex in Trenton. Now home to 3 professional sports teams, the arena has hosted hundreds of events for every age group, spanning such things as circuses to rock concerts.

With the success of these two entertainment venues, Mercer County has played host to millions of new visitors. With outstanding parks, golf courses, historic sites, and more, Mercer County has once again become an important part of New Jersey, and indeed the Northeast region.