Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Green Living Guide, Mercer County's first-ever online resource to help you lead an environmentally friendly life at work and in the home.With this mini-site, we aim to highlight programs the County currently offers to protect the environment through resource conservation and environmental education as well as strategies that anyone can employ in his or her own workplace or home to promote sustainability.

Over the past few years, my administration has worked hard to design a multifaceted master plan for reducing environmental impact. We continue to explore new technologies, such as hybrid vehicles-we have several in our County fleet-and solar energy, to determine the best means to continue providing key services to constituents with a minimum of negative impact on our environment.

Here on the Green Living site, you'll find a comprehensive listing of County programs and services that help you live "greener." We also offer several of our own favorite tips for sustainable living, as well as an extensive collection of links encompassing a tremendous variety of green living strategies for every aspect of your daily life.

I encourage everyone to take full advantage of the resources offered here. Should you have questions or suggestions concerning the Green Living Guide, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Communications and Policy at (609) 278-2732.


Brian M. Hughes
County Executive