Where to Begin
If you have a consumer concern with a business or service in Mercer County, the Consumer Affairs office is available to help resolve the problem. The office accepts complaints in the following ways:

  • You Can Send A Letter or Complaint Form To:
    Mercer County Division of Consumer Affairs
    640 South Broad St.
    P.O. BOX 8068
    Trenton, N.J. 08650-0068

  • You Can Fax Your Complaint To:

  • You Can Make An Appointment By Calling:
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Fill out a complaint form
If you would like to fill out a complaint form please go to the following link and print out the form.  You may also call (609)989-6671 for a form to be sent to you.

Photo copies of all checks, receipts, documents, ads, pictures and whatever the consumer feels is necessary should be included with the form. The case (complaint) will be assigned to an Investigator where they will try to resolve the matter.  
  1. Make sure you have a consumer complaint. A consumer complaint involves a disagreement between an individual and a business or sometimes between two businesses.

  2. File a written complaint. Telephone your local Consumer Affairs Office for their address and for filing instructions.

  3. When filling out the complaint form, describe your problem briefly, clearly and completely. Give the full name, address and telephone number of the business involved. If possible, include the names and titles of the people with whom you have discussed the problem.

  4. Enclose copies (not originals) of any letters, receipts, contracts, cancelled checks, advertisements. etc. that support your claim.

  5. Your complaint will be reviewed and evaluated as quickly as possible. An investigator will contact you. Allow at least three weeks for the office to contact you. Depending on your individual case, you may be advised to pursue a settlement in Small Claims Court. Your complaint may be referred to another government agency that can best help you. Remember, only written complaints will be accepted.
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