Dear Citizens:

Welcome to the Mercer County Division of Consumer Affair's Internet Information System.

As an arm of the Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Affairs is empowered to enforce NJSA 56:8-1 et seq. (The Consumer Fraud Act). All staff members are trained, tested and have passed all courses required by the Attorney General's Office and are certified.

The Mercer County office handles complaints from individual consumers against local businesses. We protect Mercer County consumers from fraudulent and unconscionable business practices. We also provide consumer counseling and complaint resolution services to approximately 350,000 Mercer County residents. While our jurisdiction is most Mercer County businesses, we provide a referral service to assist all Mercer County consumers. Consumer Education is a priority in this office.

The Consumer Affairs Office cannot:
  • Act as a lawyer or handle a complaint when a lawyer is involved.

    Recommend a business, product or service.

    Investigate or resolve complaints from consumers against other consumers.

  • Take action if a complaint has involved court action or a court decision.
In contrast to the Better Business Bureau, which charges a fee for consumers to file a complaint and has no legal authority or power, the Mercer County Division of Consumer Affairs never charges a fee for any service rendered to consumers. The cost to taxpayers for the services of this department is about the cost of a postage stamp. Whenever a consumer is experiencing difficulty with a business, contacting the office can result in savings and returns of thousands of dollars.

On behalf of the Mercer County Division of Consumer Affairs, we invite you to explore our system and know that we will continue to provide efficient and friendly service to the Consumer of Mercer County.

Very truly yours,

Donna Giovannetti
Division Chief