• What is the Mercer County WIB?
    Mercer County’s Workforce Investment Board (WIB), comprised of private, public and educational partners is a policy making Board for occupational skills training and educational programs in local areas.  WIBs are charged with integrating publicly funded services and training into a workforce system that is responsive to the needs of job seeks and employers.
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  • What type of companies are members of the Mercer County Workforce Investment Board?
    The Mercer County WIB features the County's most prominent business leaders, including CEO's, presidents, and directors from such organizations as: the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce; Horizon New Jersey; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Verizon; Sun National Bank; and many other successful small businesses and non-profit organizations.  Fifty-one percent of WIB members represent the private sector, while the other 49 percent includes: labor; community organizations; educational institutions; engineering and law firms; hospitals; and government agencies.
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  • How do some of the larger corporations involved in the WIB help Mercer County businesses?
    Our Board, made up of representatives from small and large businesses based in Mercer County, provides professional insight and advice to businesses through a range of activities including:
    • Employer Conferences – We work with Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes on the development of business conferences to educate and provide advice to the Mercer County business community.
    • Strategic Planning – WIB members identify growth industries in the County and assist the One-Stop Career Center to tailor employer/employee training programs to ensure that our businesses have access to a highly educated workforce.
    • Literacy – The WIB collaborates with other County entities to build a support system to deliver comprehensive literacy services to County residents in order to enhance their job readiness along with training residents who aspire to advance in their employment.
    • Disability Issues – The WIB partners with the One-Stop Career Center to move people with disabilities from training to employment by educating local businesses about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.
    • Youth Investment Council – The WIB works with the One-Stop Career Center to develop programs to help prepare eligible Mercer County youth between the ages of 14 and 21 for current and future employment.
    • Healthcare Committee – The WIB addresses the needs of the healthcare industry in Mercer County by identifying “in demand” occupations and instituting innovative solutions to ensure adequate resources to encourage, prepare, employ and retain qualified individuals.
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  • How does WIB strategically develop training programs that are appropriate for County businesses?
    Mercer County features businesses from a wide array of industries including education, health services, business services, leisure and hospitality and boasts a strong workforce in professional, scientific and technical services.  The WIB works with the One-Stop Career Center to tailor employer/employee training programs to meet the needs of current and emerging industries in Mercer County.
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  • Who do I contact to learn more about what the WIB can offer my business?
    For more information on WIB, please contact us by phone: (609) 989-6827, email: wib@mercercounty.org or by mail: Mercer County WIB, McDade Administration Building, 640 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 8068, Trenton, NJ 08650.
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