• What is Alert-MercerCounty?
    Alert–MercerCounty is an emergency notification system that can send you urgent messages when critical events occur in your neighborhood.

    Mercer County already has the ability to send urgent messages to all land-based phone lines over its emergency notification system including both listed and unlisted phone numbers.  Cellular phones can only be contacted if information is provided through our voluntary self-registration program.

    Mercer County sends messages over its Alert-MercerCounty emergency notification system except in those places that have their own systems (Trenton, Hamilton, Lawrence and Princeton Township). Residents of those places that have their own system will normally receive urgent messages from their local system.

    The Alert–MercerCounty emergency notification system is TTY/TDD capable.  The system automatically detects TTY/TDD equipment and communicates the message.
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  • What is the Self Registration system for?
    In a time when many people have augmented or replaced their land lines with wireless devices, the County has decided to offer an enhanced service.

    The self-registration process allows cellular phones and alternate contact information to be voluntarily provided. This information is pinpointed to a specific geographic location which is used by the Alert-MercerCounty emergency notification system to deliver urgent messages in an affected area. This is especially important for those households that use cellular technology exclusively and no longer have land-based phone lines.

    Alert–MercerCounty will send messages to wireless voice devices for which users have registered. The messages may be County-wide or may be limited to the area around the address you register, depending upon the nature of the event.

    Residents of those places that have their own emergency notification systems (Trenton, Hamilton, Lawrence and Princeton Township) should check with local officials to determine if they can register their wireless devices. Residents of these places are strongly cautioned that unless the Alert-MercerCounty system is being used to alert the geographic area they have self-registered for they will not receive any calls unless they have also registered locally.
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  • What can I do to avoid receiving multiple calls from the system?
    You should listen to the entire message.  At the end of the message the system may ask you to hit a key on your phone to acknowledge that you received and understood the message.  If you hang up before the message is complete or do not acknowledge that you received the call, the system will think you did not receive the message and keep calling.
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  • Why do I have to type the “ReCaptcha” words when I register?
    You are asked to type what you see in the box to show that the information on the form was entered by a human and not a computer.  This helps to ensure the integrity of the information.
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  • Is my personal information protected?
    We will not sell, distribute or share your personal information with any other agency. The information you provide will only be used to communicate official messages in case of emergency.
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  • Is there a cost?
    There is no charge from the County for registering or receiving notices.

    Standard cell phone charges will apply through your phone provider, the same as they would with any use of your device.  The County is not responsible for any charges by your wireless provider as a result of receiving these alerts.
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  • Is the County legally liable for issues it may have from use of Alert–MercerCounty?
    No. With respect to documents and services available from this server, neither the County of Mercer nor any of its agencies and affiliates nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product or process disclosed.
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  • What else should I do in time of emergency?
    The County’s notification system is considered effective and efficient, but you should not wait for or rely exclusively on a mass notification system call for evacuation or other critical directives.  Because of the unforeseen nature of some emergencies, no one can fully guarantee that you will receive a notification every time.  Please keep yourself informed by continuing to monitor other public safety warning and information systems (such as radio or television) whenever possible.
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  • Does the system have the ability to send text and/or e-mail messages?
    No, the Alert-MercerCounty system does not have the ability to send text and e-mail messages.
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  • Do I need to add my landline telephone number?
    No, this registration is strictly for cellular/wireless phone registration. The database already has listed and unlisted landline phone numbers.
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  • What if my phone number changes or I move?
    Land-based phone information will be automatically updated in our database.  This information is reported by your carrier to the state so the 9-1-1 information associated with your phone is accurate.

    Cellular and alternate contact information provided through the self-registration system will need to be updated. You will have the ability to login to the system at any time to change this information.
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  • Will the system call back if I’m on the phone or leave a message if I’m not home?
    When the system is activated and detects a phone line is busy, the system has the ability to redial the number to make contact. If voicemail picks up the call, the system has the ability to leave an emergency message.
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  • Will I still receive an alert on my cell phone when I am out of town?
    Yes, the address that you provide when registering will be linked to your cell phone number within the database. Therefore, if an alert is originated for your geographic area, you will receive the alert regardless of whether or not you are in town.
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  • What will appear on caller ID?
    Land-based phones will say “Mercer County.” In many cases, cellular phones may not display Caller ID information properly – this is determined by your cellular service provider and is not a problem that can be corrected by Mercer County.
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  • Can I add more than one telephone number for my household?
    Yes, you may add up to three numbers per household.
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  • I have call screening to discourage telemarketers. Will I receive the Alert-MercerCounty emergency notification?
    Yes, it will get through.
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  • What do I do if I have problems with registration?
    If you have problems with registration please contact emergencyalert@mercercounty.org.
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