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New Helpline for School Personnel

The Traumatic Loss Coalition/University Behavioral HealthCare (UBHC) announces a new program, AID-NJEA, a 24 hour telephone helpline created for NJEA members and their families. NJEA in partnership with UBHC created the helpline for school employees and families. AID stands for Assistance in Distress; NJEA is New Jersey Education Association. The Traumatic Loss Coalition is sharing this information with you because we recognize the value of such a program in offering support, information and referrals to those who work in our schools, especially during these difficult times.

Callers dial 866-AID-NJEA or 866-243-6532 to access telephone counseling and/or referral services for professional, personal or global concerns. Sometimes listening to the callers meets their needs; sometimes phone counseling, information, referral, or crisis management is necessary.

866-AID-NJEA will be answered at all hours everyday. From noon to 8:00 p.m., the line is staffed by trained educators. If a call is made at other hours, either it will be referred to an educator or a mental health professional, based on caller's need.

Questions about the program can be addressed to the Program Manager, Jacqueline M. Somma, by calling her at 732-235-2137.

Information obtained from UMDNJ