The NJLINCS is a part of the federal HAN that connects the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) to the local health departments electronically to ensure the rapid dissemination of critical information in the event of a bioterrorism incident or public health threat and to promote mutual cooperation and the general welfare of the public health system. There are over 90 local, regional and county health departments in New Jersey.

NJDOH has established 22 LINCS Agency sites through out New Jersey to serve has hubs to distribute information through their CHAIN. Each LINCS site has an Emergency Response and a LINCS Coordinator. The Emergency Response Coordinator has authority to activate the public health emergency system and the overall responsibility of the LINCS site. The LINCS Coordinator is responsible for developing the CHAIN by establishing working connections with municipal governments, local health departments, hospitals, doctors, laboratories, emergency management, emergency medical services, schools, churches and the community organizations and to maintain a contact list via email, fax, pager and telephone.

Mercer LINCS Agency has the responsibility of bringing together the local health authorities, institutions, corporations and other interested parties to coordinate the local public health response in the event of a public health emergency in Mercer County. In the event of a public health emergency, the LINCS site will activate its 24/7 surveillance and begin to coordinate public health activities to minimize the impact upon the public. In the event of an incident, information will be published on this website.

Also, as a part of our ongoing effort to support the public health system, this website will provide general public health information and updates.
For more information concerning bioterrorism visit CDC Bioterrorism Web Site