The Mercer County Division of Youth Services provides comprehensive programs and services to address the issues of at-risk youth from birth to age 18.  We do this through the allocation of County and State (Juvenile Justice Commission) funds to support youth and their families along the continuum of services from prevention through reentry. 

We have developed programmatic points of intervention and a comprehensive continuum of care for youth eligible to receive our services.  They include but are not limited to:  Primary Prevention Services, Secondary Prevention Services, Law Enforcement Diversion, Family Crisis Intervention, Family Court/Family Court Diversion Programs, Community Based Disposition Options, Treatment Services, and Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Program Services, and Reentry Program Services.

The planning process for primary and secondary prevention, treatment, detention alternative, and reentry programs is completed through our Youth Services Commission which serves as the planning, advocating and enabling body of this division.  The Youth Services Commission is comprised of community partners, family court and County employees who meet to discuss programs/services and gaps in service. 

Additionally, our Minority Concerns Committee, Gang Task Force, and the Commission on Abused Neglected & Missing Children, to name a few, meet and plan informational workshops for the youth population.


For more information, please contact Robert Taylor at (609)-278-4845 or the Mercer County Department of Human Services main line at (609)-989-6526.