In March of 2004 the Mercer County Office of Inspector General (OIG) was established by Mercer County Ordinance No. 2004-3 at the request of County Executive Brian M. Hughes and with the approval of the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

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Stated Purpose

The stated purpose of the OIG is to enhance public confidence and integrity in county government by establishing and implementing procedures for reporting, investigating and resolving complaints of fraud, conflicts of interest, corruption, criminal activities, abuse of office, waste and mismanagement.

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The OIG is responsible for receiving and investigating allegations of fraud, corruption, criminal activity, conflicts of interest and abuse involving county employees, officials, contractors, vendors, consultants, individuals, organizations and businesses receiving county funds.  The OIG is further charged to provide leadership and guidance, and recommend programs/policies to educate and raise awareness of all county officials/employees to integrity and ethics related issues.  The OIG is to provide assistance to departments and agencies on all integrity and ethics related matters.  Other responsibilities include, increase the economy and efficiency of Mercer County government, assist the county in avoiding transactions with unsuitable companies or persons and provide additional oversight of the county's compliance with laws, regulations and special conditions imposed upon the county by any federal, state or regulatory agency.  The OIG has the authority to issue subpoenas in order to procure any and all necessary information as deemed necessary in the normal course of any investigation or review of county procedures.

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Contact Information

County of Mercer
Office of the Inspector General
640 South Broad Street
P.O. Box 8068
Trenton, NJ 08650
Phone:  609-278-8084
Fax:      609-989-7529

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