Two invasive mosquitoes that have firmly established populations in New Jersey, Aedes japonicus (left) and Aedes albopictus. Photo by Ary Farajollahi.

Herein you will find information pertaining to our surveillance and control of various mosquito species throughout Mercer County, New Jersey. We work hard to ensure that the residents of the county remain free of the nuisances and health hazards associated with mosquitoes. There is a lot of useful information contained within these pages, and we have provided many links to an assortment of other valuable sites. If you have any questions regarding our mosquito surveillance and control operations, the contents of this website, or any general information regarding mosquitoes, send me an email at

Environmentally yours,

Isik Unlu 
Superintendent - Mercer County Mosquito Control

Mission and Operating Philosophy

The mission of the Mercer County Mosquito Control program is to provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and economic mosquito management for the county of Mercer. We provide continual surveillance of mosquitoes to determine the threat of disease transmission and annoyance levels and then use environmentally sound integrated pest management techniques to keep mosquitoes below those levels.

Our personnel employ a variety of methods to reduce and manage mosquito populations throughout the county. For more concise detail on control measures and the specific chemical used, please refer to our Operations and Products Used page of our website.

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