Customer Service is Our #1 Priority
The mission of the Division of the Employee Relations is to enrich the work life at the County of Mercer by meeting and understanding the needs of both our employees and the customers we service. In partnership with other departments, we will attempt to create a work environment in which initiative, teamwork and creativity are encouraged and valued, ensuring that work is serious fun for employees.
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We will support our mission by:
  • Providing an open door through which our employees may come and share their needs and concerns, knowing they will be listened to and responded to in a confidential, timely and objective manner.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified and dedicated employees who meet the staffing needs of the County and who reflect the diverse society in which the County is located.
  • Providing employee relations events that recognize and honor the unique contributions our employees make to the County and our community.
  • Implementing performance evaluation systems which enable our employees to know how well they are performing in their jobs, focus on opportunities for further improvement and development, reinforce the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, and strive to insure that their partnership with the County will remain secure.
  • Providing our employees with personal, technical, educational and professional training that gives them the confidence of knowing they have the skills to do their job well today and for the workplace of tomorrow.
  • Providing a superior health benefits program that meets the changing health care and lifestyle needs of our employees and their families.
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