Land Development Applications Please note that every subdivision and site plan application form submitted with each application must be signed and dated by the title owner(s) of the property(-ies) to be subdivided and/or developed. The owner(s) shall sign the application form where the application form reads Owner’s Consent to Filing of Application: I am aware of and consent to the filing of this application. I hereby certify that the undersigned is the title owner of the property which is the subject of this application.

Date: ________________________________________________

Owner’s signature:______________________________________

(Title of individual)

If the type of entity that owns the property(-ies) is not an individual but a corporation, LLC, LP, partnership, non-profit organization, etc., the title owner must identify on the form the name of the company or organization and their personal title; eg, President, Vice-President, Chairman of the Board, etc. Applications submitted with subdivision and/or site plan application forms without the signature of the title owner(s) will be deemed incomplete. Application forms signed by the developer’s attorney, engineer or anyone else other than the title owner(s) are not acceptable and the subdivision and/or site plan application will be deemed incomplete.