The Mercer County Wastewater Management Plan (WMP) was adopted on October 9, 2013. Click here for a copy of the public notice amending the Mercer County Water Quality Management Plan and adopting a new areawide WMP for Mercer County.

The Mercer County WMP replaces all previously adopted municipal and municipal utility authority WMPs in Mercer County as well as areas outside of Mercer served by wastewater treatment facilities located within Mercer County which have been included as part of an adopted WMP. The only exceptions are East Windsor Township, Pennington Borough, and Robbinsville Township, which have adopted municipal WMPs that still remain in effect, and which are adopted by reference as the appropriate municipal chapters in the Mercer County WMP.

A paper copy of the Mercer County Wastewater Management Plan is available for review at the Mercer County Planning Division office, 4th Floor, Room 412 of the McDade Administration Building, 640 South Broad Street, Trenton, New Jersey. In addition to the downloadable files on this web page, an electronic version of the WMP is available on CD upon request for $5.00.

To request a CD containing the adopted WMP contact the Mercer County Planning Division:

Phone: (609) 989-6545
Fax: (609) 989-6546
Mercer County Planning Division
McDade Administration Building
640 South Broad Street
P.O. Box 8068
Trenton, NJ 08650-0068

Mercer County Wastewater Management Plan

Mercer County Comments on the 2015 WQMP Proposed Rule

Mercer County WMP Amendments and Revisions 2016

Robbinsville Township

Amendment to the Mercer County WMP - Raajpo

Mercer County WMP Amendments and Revisions 2014
Robbinsville Township

Mercer County WMP Amendments and Revisions 2013

County Summary:
County Summary with Appendices A through M and Glossary and   Definitions

County Summary Maps:

Environmental Analysis and Assessment
Environmental Analysis and Assessment with Appendix B – Letters of Interpretation and Habitat Suitability Determinations

Municipal Chapters:

Municipal Maps: 

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