Contact: Silvio Marcacci
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. — County Executive Brian M. Hughes today urged community-based organizations to coordinate and volunteer with the United Way of Greater Mercer County in the annual “Point in Time Count,” a one-day survey to be held county-wide on April 7, 2006, during which Mercer County’s homeless population will be counted in order to identify the need for funding provided through State and Federal sources.

“From my tenure as a Freeholder to taking office as County Executive in 2004, working on a regional basis to prevent and reduce homelessness has been one of my highest priorities” began Hughes. “This count will not only determine the funding levels that Mercer County receives to work to end homelessness, but it will also help to track the progress that we are making towards this goal. I urge our local faith-based and community organizations, local businesses and schools to get involved to help make a difference.”

Volunteers will be asked to canvass neighborhoods during a 24-hour period to count homeless individuals, and also to have short conversations with them to determine key facts about each individual. The Trenton-Mercer Continuum of Care will hold training sessions on how to best approach and communicate with the people that they may meet. Volunteers will also help in distributing food and toiletry kits to those that they speak with.

Further information on the April 7, 2006 “Point In Time Count” will follow as the date approaches. Interested parties should contact coordinator Patrick Cacacie of the United Way of Greater Mercer County via telephone at 609-637-4910, or via email at