Contact: Silvio Marcacci
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. — County Executive Brian M. Hughes issued the following statement today regarding Governor Jon Corzine’s 2006 Fiscal Year budget.

“Mercer County is home to the largest number of unionized state workers of any of New Jersey’s 21 counties, and as such, I am very pleased to see that the Governor’s budget cuts waste and mismanagement without targeting rank and file State workers for layoffs,” began Hughes. “While there are significant reductions in State spending across the board, I am very supportive of the Governor’s increase of $1.1 billion in payments towards the public employee pension system, which has been virtually ignored for the last decade and is now in danger of insolvency.”

Governor Corzine also proposed that the State take real steps to rein in property taxes and government spending.  Hughes noted that Mercer County has proposed merging the administrative functions of the two county school districts, the Mercer County Special Services School District and Mercer County Technical School.

“My 2006 budget contained innovative measures targeting the administration of both the MCSSSD and Technical School for reductions in size and cost by sharing services.  I am proud that Mercer County is doing all that we can to lessen the tax burden upon our citizens by truly doing more with less.”