Contact: Silvio Marcacci
(609) 278-7137

Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes today announced a list of county road improvement projects to be completed in the spring and summer of 2006.  Work will include roadway milling and repaving, upgrades in road line striping and centerlines, and installation of reflective pavement markings and in-roadway reflectors, depending upon the specific roadway. 

“Since taking office in 2004, we have aggressively taken a back to basics approach to restoring and maintaining Mercer County’s road system”, said Hughes.  “By making these improvements to our roads, we will improve commutes, provide greater safety for our residents, and lessen congestion”. 

Projects will take several forms, depending upon the specific roadway.  County roads scheduled for milling and repaving will undergo roadway rehabilitation.  Also, Mercer County is undertaking a cooperative program with local municipalities in which the municipality supplies materials to repave the road and the county supplies the resources for the roadwork.  This program is estimated to save local municipalities $2,300 in labor costs alone per day. 

Other roadways will receive safety upgrades, including replacement of centerlines, and installation of in-pavement reflectors.  This initiative is the result of Mercer County being awarded a $700,000 Federal grant.  Shoulder lines and centerlines will be replaced with high-visibility, high-durability materials, and select roadways will have raised reflective pavement markers embedded in their pavement surfaces.  Both measures will significantly enhance roadway visibility, particularly during nighttime and wet weather conditions. 

"These road projects are a continuation to my administrations’ commitment to improve the quality of life for all county residents”, continued Hughes.  “We will continue to strive to identify new ways to make Mercer County better in every way”.