Contact: Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. -Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes is warning County residents to be aware of a scam circulating via U.S. mail titled "Million Dollar Program."

The "Million Dollar Program" scam is described as a money sharing program, comprised of "thousands" of participants.

The scam aims to make money off of unsuspecting citizens by promising a return of thousands on a $100 down payment and may also aim to steal the participant's identity as the mailing requires the inclusion of personal information such as name, address, and phone number.

"It is important to be aware of money and identity fraud scams," said Hughes. "These types of criminal actions can greatly affect one's life in a negative way. By sharing this information with your friends, family, and neighbors, you are protecting your interests and preventing others from becoming victims."

The letter addresses the mail recipient as "Fellow Million Dollar Club Member" and explains that they were especially chosen to join the exclusive organization. The scam informs the mail recipient that they now have a sponsor to direct them through the lucrative process. The program asks that the recipient provide $100 toward a purchase of a product that the sponsor will provide in return. The scam then claims that $100 earnings from other "club members" will be shared later and will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings.

The letter has some suspicious, tell-tale signs of fraud. The mailing is written poorly, and has an indistinguishable signature at the bottom of the page above a title of "Program Chairman." In addition, the mailing clearly states that if the recipient chooses not to participate in the Million Dollar Program, they must return the mailing to the sender, and must not inform any other person of this mailing from the so-called commercial enterprise.

Residents who believe they have received suspicious mail or those who believe they have already been scammed should call the Mercer County Division of Consumer Affairs at (609) 989-6671. The County can also furnish a variety of informational materials from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs to assist residents in protecting themselves from scams.