CONTACT:  Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J.—People who use wheelchairs know the importance of taking the necessary precaution to make themselves visible when traveling; however, motorist and pedestrians sometimes ignore these precautions and place the person who is in the wheelchair in danger. As warmer weather arrives, wheelchair users are able to get out more frequently, and in an effort to minimize the likelihood of such a risk, the County of Mercer is sponsoring a safety program for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs by making wheelchair flags available.

“Many of our citizens depend on wheelchairs to keep them mobile, and particularly in active towns or on city streets, many of our friends with disabilities use their motorized chairs to get from place to place,” said Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes. “I urge anyone who depends on a wheelchair for mobility to attach a flag to their chair as a measure of safety for themselves and for those with whom they share the road and sidewalks.”

This program is designed to make motorists and others aware of people who use wheelchairs by providing collapsible, bright orange wheelchair flags to people with disabilities who need more visibility in crowded situations such as malls and grocery stores and/or while riding on city streets. The flags are capable of folding in half when   entering buildings or transportation vehicles and are quite visible.  First initiated by public request, the safety program was approved by the Mercer County Disabilities Advisory Council and the flags were purchased. 

Allies, Inc., a Mercer County non-profit organization, who provides countless services to and for people with disabilities, installs the flags for any resident who uses a wheelchair by using volunteers who have been trained to properly install them. If you are a Mercer County resident who uses a wheelchair and would like to obtain a flag, which is readily available for installation, please contact Fran Curley at Allies, Inc. at (609) 689-0136.