MEDIA CONTACT:  Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. - With record numbers of people visiting beautiful Mercer County Park in West Windsor, Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes has initiated a plan to improve safety at the busy Hughes Drive entrance in Hamilton Township.

Hughes has directed the Mercer County Department of Transportation to engineer and construct pedestrian-friendly crosswalk changes and handicap access ramps at the intersection. The county’s plan has been endorsed by Hamilton Township, which has jurisdiction over Hughes Drive. Work should begin in the next 14 days.

“We’ve heard from residents of the area and visitors to the park who have asked us to examine safety improvements to the area, and I’m happy to announce that our Mercer County Engineers devised a solution.  Our Department of Transportation will perform the work in-house,” Hughes said.

Specifically, the County proposes to install dedicated left-turn lanes on Hughes Drive for motorists turning left into Mercer County Park and Paxson Avenue.  To better facilitate pedestrian access, the County will install a crosswalk and pedestrian refuge island on the south side of the intersection, adjacent to the playing fields.  The crosswalk will then be linked into the existing bicycle and pedestrian pathway via a newly constructed paved walkway.   Mercer County is coordinating its improvement plan with Hamilton Township since Hughes Drive is under municipal jurisdiction.  Since Hughes Drive is scheduled to be resurfaced next year, Mercer County will temporarily stripe the pavement. Permanent pavement markings will be installed upon completion of Hamilton Township’s resurfacing. The road will be open to traffic during construction.