MEDIA CONTACT:  Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. - Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes is moving forward with a Renewable Energy Program through a cooperative agreement with the Mercer County Improvement Authority. Hughes announced the new initiative in his annual State of the County Address in January.

“It’s time for Mercer County to take the next steps to lead the greening of our county,” Hughes said at the address, attended by nearly 500 local residents and business owners.  “I announce Mercer County’s plan to create a Shared Service arrangement with the Mercer County Improvement Authority to guarantee funding for installation and operation of solar arrays on county buildings, local public schools and municipal government facilities that wish to participate.”

Renewable-energy technologies benefit both the environment and taxpayer. “While reducing our carbon footprint through use of clean, renewable energy, this exciting project will create jobs — 30 jobs for every megawatt of power — and save taxpayer dollars by reducing our costs for energy,” said Hughes.

This Renewable Energy Initiative is part of the Hughes’ Administration’s Sustainability Master Plan and will build on the other successes thus far.  These have included designing our the new Mercer County Criminal Courthouse based on LEED standards, using Flexfuel vehicles, performing energy audits on our buildings and more.

The County’s Department of Economic Development and Sustainability and the Mercer County Improvement Authority conducted two presentations to interested public entities at the McDade Administration Building, and results of those meetings will be shared with the Freeholder Board in April.