MEDIA CONTACT:  Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

— The Sourland Mountain ridge is flourishing with wild blooms. Rachel Mackow, a photographer, writer and naturalist, will share her knowledge of the Sourland region at a slideshow and talk May 29 at the Visitor Center at Baldpate Mountain.

“Wildflowers of the Sourlands” by Rachel Mackow will be from 1 to 3 p.m. From spring ephemerals to the final blooms of autumn, Mackow’s show will spotlight the flowering plants of the Sourland ridge. Forest, meadow and shrubland species will be featured. Mackow will touch on plant life cycles, pollinators, medicinal and traditional uses, and conservation of these plants.

Rachel Mackow resides on the Sourland Mountain ridge with her husband and son. Her interest in the natural world, especially plants, is wide ranging. She co-authors “The Shagbark Speaks,” a blog about native and medicinal plants, gardening, wildlife, stewardship, and home life. She recently completed an apprenticeship in herbal remedies. In addition, she serves on the Sourland Planning Council’s Education & Outreach Committee and contributed photographs and writing to the organization’s Living in the Sourlands: A Guide to Responsible Stewardship.

Her photography has been exhibited and published internationally and locally, with exhibits at the National Library in Havana, Cuba, Queens Museum, Phillip’s Mill, Gallery 14, Princeton Public Library, D&R Greenway, and University of Pennsylvania. Her hand-tinted photographs were published in Harper's Magazine.

This program is free and for teens and adults.  This program is free and for teens and adults.  The Baldpate Mountain Visitor Center is located next to the mountain’s summit. Visitors can walk or drive up the driveway located on Fiddler’s Creek Road, near the intersection with Route 29. The park’s driveway has an electronic gate and signs at the entrance. Questions regarding the program can be directed to Jenn Rogers, County Naturalist, Phone:  609 883-6606 x112.