MEDIA CONTACT: Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. - The NJ Department of Environmental Protection has issued an advisory to notify area residents that Baldwin Lake in Pennington will be treated with herbicides next week.

The DEP’s Division of Fish and Wildlife has hired an aquatic pesticide contractor, Great Blue Inc., to apply herbicides during the week of June 13, 2011 to water chestnut growing in Baldwin Lake in order to control the spread of this invasive exotic vegetation.

Water chestnut is a rooted aquatic plant that spreads through flowing water and by wildlife. It can quickly cover the surface of shallow ponds, making it difficult to fish or boat in ponds. The treatment will consist of a broadcast application of a granular material that becomes absorbed through the roots and slowly kills the plant. There are no restrictions on fishing following the application.

Baldwin Lake is a small body of water included as part of the larger Baldwin State Wildlife Management area. It is located adjacent to the Bristol-Myers Squibb complex off Route 31 in Pennington.

For questions, please call the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 908-637-4125.