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Mercer County Summer Equestrian Camp

CONTACT:  Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. - Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes is proud to announce that the 2011 Summer Horse Camp at the Mercer County Equestrian Center is nearing its end and was a great success.  The horse camp provides a chance for children to have fun, forge friendships, and, of course, learn horsemanship.  Campers are not only rewarded with fond memories and new skills, but with a sense of responsibility, appreciation of the outdoors, and an understanding of the intelligence and sensitivity of other living things.

The 2011 Summer Horse Camp is held yearly over seven week-long sessions for young horse-enthusiasts to choose from, and takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each day. Attendees learn a wide variety of skills, from tacking and grooming to cantering and jumping.  Each day, a different lesson is taught on a specific aspect of horse care, including: first aid for horses, lunging, grooming techniques, nutrition, special training equipment, parts of the horse, equine safety, history of the horse, and colors, markings, and breeds.  Campers often go on trail rides into the beautiful forests and fields of the 243- acre facility, which also has marked trails that lead to Rosedale Park and Mercer Meadows via the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail.

“I am proud that Mercer County can offer this great opportunity for campers to learn how to care for and interact with animals.  Those basic skills are transferrable,” stated Hughes. “It really is a good program we have going at the Equestrian Center.  While not every child can own a horse, we can provide the opportunity to see what it’s like.  Those experiences are worth a lot.”

The Mercer County Equestrian Center has been updated to feature 31 stalls, one indoor ring and two outdoor rings, two grooming stalls, two tack rooms, two feed rooms, two wash stalls, and eleven horse pastures.  27 horses currently reside at this facility.

For more information about opportunities, the Mercer County Equestrian Center can be reached at 609-730-9059.