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TRENTON, NJ -- Times of emergency are always hard to deal with, especially during the actual emergency.  Planning for such an event would be advantageous, so having preparations such as a “GO” bag with three days worth of non-perishable foods, flashlight, batteries, a change of clothes, etc. is paramount if a person is told that an evacuation from home is necessary.  One way to be prepared is to register in a “registry” so that first responders can access your important information and provide appropriate assistance.

Throughout the past decade, events such as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, powerful hurricanes, and local flooding of the Delaware River have shown that people with special needs are significantly and sometimes adversely affected during emergencies.  Federal, State, and local agencies have embarked on planning efforts to address the needs of people with disabilities. Locally, Mercer County has been involved in emergency preparedness efforts for people with disabilities since the events of September 11, and has been developing plans that could help safeguard some of the county’s most vulnerable populations.

Some endeavors designed to assist in the implementation of emergency preparedness measures for populations with special needs is the New Jersey Register Ready program, which is a free, confidential and voluntary registry database that houses personal medical information on people with disabilities.  The most precise and up-to-date information is then made available to appropriate first responders, in the event they need to assist an individual during an emergency.

Any resident who believes they may need assistance during a large-scale emergency situation or local event, such as a major snow storm or blizzard, should complete a registration within the Register Ready registry by visiting via the Web  You may also call 2-1-1 and register by telephone.