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TRENTON, N.J. - After careful planning and design, improvements at the intersection of Calhoun Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Princeton Avenue in the City of Trenton have been completed, and a new traffic signal, which was part of the overall improvements, is scheduled to be fully activated on January 13, 2012.

“We are constantly looking at infrastructure improvements along with the freeholder board, and we always try to maximize our state and federal aid,” said Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes. “This particular intersection is one we had targeted for improvements for some time, and motorists and pedestrians in this area have expressed their satisfaction with these upgrades.”

At this busy intersection, numerous crashes have occurred and the flow of traffic was deficient. The intersection was originally proposed to be realigned; however, after several meetings with local residents and business owners, the initial design concept was modified to retain the same general alignment in order to preserve access and on-street parking. The accepted design makes it easier for large trucks to turn onto Princeton Avenue from Calhoun Street, which was a significant concern raised during the planning stages of the project.

The project was completed by Orchard Holdings at a total bid cost of $204,965. Mercer County received a $50,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Division of Local Aid and Economic Development for the work. The remaining cost was funded through Mercer County’s capital improvement program. In addition to installation of a traffic signal, improvements included replacement of existing curb and sidewalk, and construction of a median island for safer pedestrian crossings. The intersection was also milled and resurfaced. This project is the final one in a group of five that commenced in fall 2011. Those included:

Upgrades at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Chestnut Avenue in Trenton and at East State Street and Whitehead Road in Hamilton; Olden Avenue and Parkside Avenue in Ewing, and Olden Avenue and Prospect Street in Ewing.

Details on each project are as follows:
Hamilton Avenue and Chestnut Avenue, City of Trenton
Although the intersection is currently controlled by a traffic signal, the signal equipment is outdated and is in need of replacing. Mercer County will replace the existing traffic signal using available State Aid funds and maintain the new signal once installation is complete.  This project was bid, together with improvements at Whitehead Road and East State Street, and was awarded to SolarMite Electrical Contractors.  The total bid for both intersection upgrades was $329,561.00.  Improvements at Hamilton Avenue and Chestnut Street include construction of ADA compliant ramps, removal of the existing signal system, and installation of new traffic signal equipment.  The design greatly enhances visibility of the signal indications, provides modern pedestrian amenities and uses the latest vehicle detection technology.
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East State Street and Whitehead Road, Hamilton
The intersection of East State Street and Whitehead Road is within a residential area of the Bromley section of Hamilton Township and is also in proximity to the Bromley Community Center.  Whitehead Road provides access to several large trucking and warehousing facilities in the area.  The intersection also provides access to the Hamilton Fire House as well as a small industrial complex immediately adjacent to the project location.  Therefore, it was essential that the new traffic signal serve a range of needs both within the immediate vicinity as well as outlying areas.  The project includes replacement of existing outdated traffic signal equipment and installation of modern vehicle detection and emergency pre-emption systems.  The project also includes construction of ADA compliant ramps, pedestrian push buttons and pedestrian indications.  This project was bid, together with improvements at Hamilton Avenue and Chestnut Avenue, and was awarded to SolarMite Electrical Contractors.  The total bid for both intersection upgrades was $329,561.00.
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Olden Avenue and Parkside Avenue, Olden Ave and Prospect, Ewing
The two intersections have similar configurations both in terms of geometry and signal layout with other common features:  both locations experience routine damage to traffic signal equipment located in the median and both lack modern vehicle detection and pedestrian safety amenities.  The two intersections were bid together as a single project and include full replacement of existing traffic signal equipment.  Existing traffic signals in the medians will be eliminated. Pedestrian safety features, including ADA compliant ramps, push buttons and pedestrian indications, will be constructed at both locations.  Video detection systems will be employed, and the signals have been configured so that the existing phasing can be easily modified in the future.  Upgrades to both intersections are being funded through the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  The project was awarded to Orchard Holdings at a bid cost of $417,027.45.
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