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TRENTON, N.J. - The County and Municipal Consumer Agencies of New Jersey (CAMCA) is informing state residents of a recent Federal Trade Commission court ruling to have a telemarketer’s assets frozen as they investigate a possible improper consumer low-interest credit scheme.

“CAMCA wants residents to know their rights and educate consumers in their counties that the promises of low-interest credit and guaranteed refunds if you are unsuccessful are patent fantasies and in most cases, outright deception” said CAMCA President and Director of Gloucester County Consumer Affairs, Harold Spence.  “The lengths to which some telemarketers will go to separate you from your hard earned money is dumbfounding,” Spence said.

CAMCA Vice President and Director of Mercer County Consumer Affairs, Donna Giovannetti asserted, “We are urging local residents from around the state to visit or call their local consumer affairs offices for free information on any subject that relates to any consumer issue, including promises of home modification schemes, advance fee loans, and surplus funds scams.  Vice President Giovannetti continued; “In most cases we recommend that our seniors try to avoid long, drawn out conversations with sales-people on the phone.  We urge folks to take down as much information as possible and call consumer affairs for suggestions and assistance.”

County Executive Brian Hughes added, “It is unacceptable for companies to use deceptive tactics to exploit our residents and extort money from hard-working individuals. In cases like this, the best defense against dangerous scams is to be as educated about the issues as possible, and stay vigilant.”

The state office of consumer affairs and the Federal Trade Commission have valuable information on these and other subjects of special interest. 
Detailed reports and suggestions on protecting yourself against these scams can be found at or

For more information, or to schedule an investigator to come out and speak to your group or civic organization, please contact your local consumer affairs office or the state office at 1-800-242-5846.