Eli Byrnes of the Clever Clovers 4-H Club exhibits one of his sheep during this year’s Mercer County 4-H Fair.Full size photo

Eli Byrnes of the Clever Clovers 4-H Club exhibits one of his sheep during this year’s Mercer County 4-H Fair.

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TRENTON, N.J. - Prizes were awarded in numerous contests that took place during the 94th annual Mercer County 4-H Fair, held July 28-29 at Howell Living History Farm in Hopewell Township.

The fair celebrated 4-H’s long association with Mercer County and Howell Farm by featuring family-friendly activities such as arts and crafts, animal shows and farm tours.

Following is a list of the prize-winners by category:
Sheep Show:
Champion Showman: Renee Stillwell
Champion Fitting: Renee Stillwell
Reserve Champion Meat Ram: George Stillwell
Champion Meat Ewe: Renee Stillwell
Reserve Champion Wool Ewe: Alex Byrnes
Best of County: Alex Byrnes
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Goat Show:
Champion Showman: Trent Potosky
Champion Junior Doe: Kristie Von Thun
Reserve Champion Junior Doe: Kellie Von Thun
Champion Senior Doe: Kellie Von Thun
Reserve Champion Senior Doe: Kristie Von Thun
Best in Show: Kristie Von Thun
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Poultry Show:
Thirty-one birds entered with 4-H members from Burlington, Mercer and Ocean counties represented.
Best in Show: Maggie Emley, Australorp rooster
Showmanship: Seniors: Maggie Emley, C.J. Mozeika and Abby Carlson
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Rabbit Show:
Forty-nine rabbits entered, 22 breeds represented, with 4-H members from Burlington, Hunterdon and Mercer counties represented.
Reserve in Show: Maggie Emley, Havana broken chocolate SR buck
Senior Showmanship: 1. Emily Dallas 2. Nate Byrnes 3. Ryan Howell 4. Meredith Dauphers
Junior Showmanship: 1. Keanu Ortiz 2. Elly Merritt
Best of Breed: American Fuzzy Lop -- Keanu Ortiz, Blanket; Himalayan – Meredith Dauphers, Max; Holland Lop – Ryan Howell, Nutmeg; Mismarked Dutch – Emily Dallas, Lucky; Mixed – Keanu Ortiz, Basil
Best Opposite Sex: Dutch – Nate Byrnes, Oreo
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Goat Milking Contest:
Novice: George Stillwell
Master: Lee Sortore
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Animal Costume Contest:
First place: Lee Sortore; second, Eli Byrnes; third, Holly Potter; fourth, Meredith Dauphers; fifth, Maggie Emley
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Poultry: C.J. Mozeika
Rabbit: Elly Merritt
Sheep: Renee Stillwell
Goat: Lee Sortore
Horses: Sarah Moon
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Fair Ambassadors:
Boltin Colts – Serren Turkmenoglu
Clever Clovers – Scott Hoffman
Hot Shots – (tie) Nathaniel Tettemer and Brandon Stout
Honorable Mention – Allana Cursley
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Round Robin Showmanship:
Emily Dallas
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Hot Shots Shooting Sports 4-H Club:
Archery: Best – (tie) Zach Helm and Allana Cursley; 1st Reserve – Jack Montagna; 2nd Reserve – Sarah Szwed
Air Rifle: Best – Gianni Vecchiarelli; 1st Reserve – Sean Jackson; 2nd Reserve – Sadia Vaughn
Shotgun: Best – Nathaniel Tettemer; 1st Reserve – Jesse Szwed; 2nd Reserve – Jack Ottinger
Best All-Around: Khalid Vaughn
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4-H, a youth development program operated by Rutgers Cooperative Extension, provides research-based, hands-on learning experiences for youth in Mercer County. The fair is an opportunity for 4-H members to showcase projects they have worked on throughout the year.

For more information about 4-H, please contact Altaira Bejgrowicz at the Mercer County 4-H Office at (609) 989-6833 or bejgrowicz@njaes.rutgers.edu.
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