Users of wireless communication devices should be aware that theft of these devices is increasing and the consequences can be much greater than simply loss of the device. “Cell phone snatching” is the new version of “purse snatching.” To minimize your risk you should:
  • Be aware of your surroundings when you’re talking/texting on your devices
  • Do not walk and talk or text in crowded public places unless absolutely necessary.
  • Use pass codes or pattern locks to keep your information secure in the event your device is lost or stolen
  • Use apps that are capable of locating a lost or stolen device
  • Record your device’s information in a safe place; not just on your person. This information includes the device’s make, model, serial number, IMEI number and any other pertinent data.

Remember, even though your devices and the data on them are valuable, do not risk personal injury with a physical confrontation if avoidable.