One of the surest signs of spring at Howell Living History Farm is the arrival of the Barn Swallows, those little blue and white birds that travel all the way from South America to build their nests in the beams above the horse stalls.

On Friday, April 19 and Sunday, April 21, visitors are invited to celebrate the swallows’ return with two programs commemorating their arrival at Howell Farm.  The program, “Naturally Friends: Farmers and Barn Swallows,” is part of a series focused on the beneficial relationships that exist between farmers and the birds, bees and other wildlife that live in the fields, woods pastures and barns where farmers raise their crops and animals.

Mercer County Naturalist Assistant and avid birder, Tyler Christensen will give a Friday evening talk that highlights the Barn Swallow and delves into bird ecology, migration and bird relationships with humans.  Visitors can also meet the swallows and learn about their life cycle during a Sunday program that features ongoing interpretation in the horse barn from 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.  The programs are free and suitable for people of all ages and abilities.  Reservations are not needed.
Howell Farm is a facility of the Mercer County Park Commission.  It is located on Valley Rd., just off Rt. 29 two miles south of Lambertville, NJ.  Parking and admission are free.  For more information, call 609-737-3299 or visit websites or  For information about the Park Commission’s nature programs and classes, contact County Naturalist Jennifer Rogers at 609-303-0706.
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