The County Clerk’s Office, established under the Constitution of New Jersey, maintains copies of all documents affecting real property since its incorporation in 1838. The Records Room is open to any interested citizen, attorney, title searcher, or historian for their research, reference, or study. The records are available for public inspection between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Although by law, the staff cannot conduct a title search, they will familiarize the public with the computerized recording and indexing system. In addition, maps of Mercer County’s 13 municipalities are on file along with minor and major subdivisions within the County. Paper copies may be obtained for a fee by contacting the Indexing Section at 609-989-6476.

Right of Ways, Easements Power of Atty. Ect. (RECORDED IN DEEDS) $33.00 First Page Plus$10.00 each add'l Page.

Deeds, Regular and New Construction

$43.00 First Page Plus $10.00 each add'l Page.
Deeds, Senior Citizens, Low & Moderate Housing $40.00 First Page Plus $10.00 each add’l Page.
For recording Tax Sale Certificate, Lien, Deed or Related Instrument By a Municipality.  $11.00

Mortgages, Assignment of Rents and Leases

$33.00 for the First Page Plus $10.00 each add'l page.
Documents Affecting Recording Mtgs., such as Assignments, Releases, Subordinations, Postponment, Modification of Mtg.  

$30.00 First Page Plus, $10.00 each add'l page, Plus $10.00 Marginal notation for each mortgage Volume and Page Listed.

Discharge of Mortgage  $33.00 First Page Plus $10.00 Each add’l Page, Plus $10.00 Marginal Notation for each Mortgage Volume and Page Listed.
Certificate of Inc. (Non-profit)  $28.00 Flat Fee
Tax Waiver  $18.00
Tax Sale Certificate $33.00 First Page Plus $10.00 each add’l Page.
Cancellation of Mortgage or Tax Sale Certificate $20.00. If document was re-recorded for any reason add’l $20.00 for each add’l Volume and Page.

Filed Documents

Federal Liens $25.00
Release of Federal Liens $25.00
Notice of Lis Pendens $30.00 First Page Plus $10.00 each add’l page Plus $10.00 Marginal notation for EACH Mtg Volume and Page Listed.
Discharge Lis Pendens $30.00 First Page Plus $10.00 each add’l page Plus $10.00 Marginal notation for EACH Lis Pendens Volume and Page Listed.
Filing of Map $55.00
Map Copy $7.50
Construction Lien Claim $4.50 **
Discharge Construction Lien Claim $2.00 Plus $1.00 Marginal Notation **
Discharge Construction Lien Claim by Bond $50.00 First Page Plus $5.00 each add’l Page Plus $5.00 Marginal Notation.
Physician's Lien $15.00
Discharge Physician's Lien $15.00
Building Contract $25.00 w/specs add add’l $15.00, w/bldg plans add add’l $15.00 for a Total of $55.00
Discharge Bldg. Contract $25.00
Notice of Settlement $20.00 Plus add'l fee of $20.00 with Contract & Mtg Commitment Combined on one.
Trade Name Certificate $50.00
Discharge Trade Name Certificate $25.00
Clerk Certificate or Attorney Certificate $5.00
Notary Oaths $15.00
Notary Qualifications $15.00
Certified Copies $10.00 first page Plus $1.50 each add’l Page.
Copies by Mail $2.00 per Page.
Copy in office $ .10 cent per page
Stamped Filed Copy $2.00 each copy stamped
Vacation of Streets $30.00
Medical License $25.00
Partnerships $50.00 flat fee.
I.D. Cards $20.00
** Jan 5, 2011 A-410/S-1846

Secured Transactions (U.C.C.)

Filing UCC $25.00
Continuation UCC $25.00
Filing & Assignment UCC Combined $50.00
Assignment UCC $25.00
Termination UCC $25.00
Amendment UCC $25.00
For indexing any Instrument in excess of 5 parties, per each name in excess of 5 $6.00

For further assistance, please call 609-989-6487.

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